Get to grips with Linkedin

Our bite size Linkedin social media course is the best way to fully understand and learn the top techniques to use Linkedin for your business, all within 2 hours.

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Linkedin for Business

LinkedIn is perfect for any business-to-business marketing, but also to target professional individuals.

It varies vastly from other social media platforms, so it needs to be used in a completely different way.

We’ll teach you how to:

  • Set up your LinkedIn business page
  • Connect with others successfully
  • Use groups effectively as an interaction and targeting tool
  • Develop your company page effectively
  • Target your content specifically for a LinkedIn audience
  • Create business leads
  • Advice and tips on social selling
  • Initiate contact with potential clients
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  • "Digital Training Essex took my knowledge of social media to the next level."

    Kelsie Lowe, Marketing Manager, Phelan Construction

  • "Fun, relaxed and hugely informative. Highly recommended."

    Deb Marsden, MD, Biscuit Wishes

  • "The course was crafted specifically to suit our own personal business goals."

    Karl Marsden, MD, Shortlist Media

  • "I will definitely be in touch to book a place on the advanced course!"

    Rob Bamber, Marketing Manager, FileHound