Digital Reflow have been managing market leading cricket helmet manufacturers Masuri’s social media channels since 2013 and the launch of their new Vision Series helmet.

As a small business, Masuri and the board wanted to be involved in all aspects of the business. This included their fast-growing social media channels.

With a campaign-based social media strategy, Masuri needed to keep the consistent flow of content in-between each individual campaign delivered by Digital Reflow. This is where Digital Training Essex came to their rescue.

Digital Reflow enlisted Masuri team members onto our social media training course giving them the power to post in the correct style, knowledge of optimal posting times and talking to their audience we had already built for them.

The standard level social media training course was perfect for Masuri and their needs as many of the team were complete social media novices. Unless they had the right goals, platform management techniques and the ability to get the most out of their social media strategy all the hard work Digital Reflow had done for the last three years would be undone in a matter of tweets.

Now, Masuri are fully integrated with their social media channels, consistently posting clean, sharp and highly shareable content which makes it so much easier when we come back and deliver further social media campaigns for them.

“Digital Reflow have managed our social media channels since the launch of the Masuri Vision Series helmet, growing it to the level it is now. As a business, we decided the Masuri team needed to know its social channels inside out. Digital Reflow’s social media training course allowed us to gain this knowledge and more…” Kate Burgess, Marketing Manager, Masuri


Shortlist magazine is a free magazine distributed across London and surrounding areas amalgamating sport, fitness and lifestyle.

CEO of Shortlist Media, Karl Marsden approached us to get him up to speed with the rapidly changing digital landscape. With a team of social media managers and digital journalists under his stewardship, Karl felt his social media knowledge needed some serious fine tuning.

Shortlist embarked upon our Essential Social Media course including key topics such as ‘Setting Social Media Goals’, ‘Platform Management Hints & Tips’ and a company business analysis conducted by our highly experienced course leader

Upon completion of the course Karl said: “Duncan and the team at Digital Training Essex made the day fun, relaxed and hugely informative. We really appreciated the way in which the material could be crafted specifically to suit our own personal business goals at Shortlist. We came away from the course with a wealth of material to put into practice.”

To hear such pertinent words from the CEO of a reputable magazine with circulation figures of over half a million must mean we are doing something right. So much so, Karl and his Shortlist team are now booked onto Digital Training Essex’s Advanced Social Media course.

  • "Digital Training Essex took my knowledge of social media to the next level."

    Kelsie Lowe, Marketing Manager, Phelan Construction

  • "Fun, relaxed and hugely informative. Highly recommended."

    Deb Marsden, MD, Biscuit Wishes

  • "The course was crafted specifically to suit our own personal business goals."

    Karl Marsden, MD, Shortlist Media

  • "I will definitely be in touch to book a place on the advanced course!"

    Rob Bamber, Marketing Manager, FileHound